Saturday, May 28, 2011

Seems we have a few people cheating on this contest. As we have been watching the likes and when users receive 1000 or more votes overnight, tell us they are cheating.

It is unfortunate that this has happened we will be contacting the people who have cheated to inform them they will be disqualified.

The contest is on temporary hold as we have to decide how to best award the Ipad2 to a non cheating winner

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lizard Standalone Video Competition

*** UPDATE: We have closed the entry of new videos as we reached the Date limit.  We are amazed with the creativity of the Videos in the competition.  We wish the best luck to all.
Now its up to you to bring votes to your videos, remember the video with most "like" votes by May 31st will be the winner of the IPAD 2

We are very excited for the launch of the Lizard Standalone Mode. We are proud of our work and we want to celebrate it with you. We are inviting you to participate in a Video competition, the prize being an Apple Ipad2™ Black 16GB wifi edition.

The videos must show flashing of a drive using the 360 Lizard Standalone feature, the content of the video is up to you! A suggestive theme you can follow can could be (by example) a tutorial, flashing in strange public places, or whatever.

Video must follow this guidelines:
  • The video must include the following Text in the title "Lizard Standalone Competition" and your nickname
  • The videos must be published publically in YouTube
  • Viewers must use the "LIKE" feature on the Video to vote, the video with the most "Like" votes on May 31, 2011(Midnight PT) will win the competition. (Yes you can have your cousin, friend, mom, dad vote !)
  • The Video must not use any offensive language or any dangerous situations (You are resonsible for your own safety).
To enter in the competition just create and upload your video to YouTube and email us the link to:  We will reply with a confirmation of acceptance of your video and also please check to ensure your video is listed (after you have received your confirmation email) on this blog, if you find any error please notify us immediately.  We will respond in a timely manner, but please understand we still eat and sleep :)

The videos will be listed on this blog as they are being submitted by the participants, so the sooner you send it is the better. The Date Limit to upload your video is May 17, no videos will be accepted after that date.

  • Just the Videos Listed on this Blog will be entered in the competition.
  • We reserve the right to deny the participation of any video that does not satisfy the goal of showing the Standalone Features
  • The Winner is responsible of paying any import duties or taxes charged by your country for winning the Ipad2.  It will be shipped as a gift with true value